👻Halloween Book Covers👻

Hey everyone!

After reading Kristin’s @KristinKravesBooks post (go check her blog out!), I decided to partake in the book tag of Halloween Book Covers. The tag was created by Kristen @MetaphorsandMoonlight (you should also check her blog out)! 🙂

Through this process, I realized that many of the spooky-ish books that I immediately thought of do not have covers that really reflect said spooky vibes. So I tried my best to get a good combination of both.

Someone/thing Wearing a Mask🎭

Blood 🩸

Creepy Creature🐺

Creepy forest? Giant wolf that lures people inside? Creepyyyyy

🐺Side note… I loved this book. It is one of those that I like to re-visit every year when I can.



Classic Monster🧟‍♀️

What are some of your Halloween book covers or even Halloweenish stories? Let me know in the comments below!

-Maya 🌹

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