Monday Music Match Up: Kingdom of the Wicked

Good morning, everyone!
Happy Monday. I know Mondays can be tough, but remember that whether it is Monday or Sunday or Friday, that it is a new day, anything is possible, and you are strong and capable of overcoming any challenges that the day throws at you! 🥰

With a new day, comes new strength and new thoughts

Eleanor Roosevelt

Today’s post is Monday’s Music Match Up, a feature here at HerBookishDesires where I show you the music that I have listened to while reading a specific book. This week’s book is Kingdom of the Wicked by Kerri Maniscalco!

The song that I listened to while reading KoW was called “Wrath of the Titan” by InfraSound Music. I felt like it had that mystery feel and creepy vibe to it while also having a good tempo to match the pace of the book during the action-y chapters. It’s pretty funny how the name has “Wrath” in it too! That was totally coincidental 😂

Here is some fan art for you to enjoy while you listen to “Wrath of the Titan!” I couldn’t find too much, sadly, but hopefully there will be more fan art as time goes on and the series continues! I did not include links to the art this time as they were all from Instagram.

Art credit to Salome Totladze @Morgana0anagrom
Art by CJ Merwild @merwildandco commissioned by @ACOBAF
Art credit: Salome Totladze @Morgana0anagrom

I can’t wait to read Kingdom of the Cursed when it comes out in Oct 2021! I hope you all enjoyed this post and that you have a great day.🥰☺️


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