📚Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’d Gladly Throw in the Ocean🌊

Good morning, everyone! Happy Tuesday. 💙
Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jana @ThatArtsyReaderGirl. Each week, there is a new topic for which we write a list of 10 items. For more information and the list of topics, see the meme info page here.

Today’s topic is: Top Ten Books I’d Gladly Throw in the Ocean🌊. Per Jana, “You can want to throw a book into the ocean for a number of different reasons, both good and bad: you didn’t like it and DNFed it, you kept reading it hoping it would get better and it never did, you wish the ending had been different, it made you feel too many feels, there was a love triangle (or maybe said love triangle ended with the main character ending up with the person you didn’t them to end up with), it ended on a cliffhanger and you’re dying, there was a plot twist that messed with your mind, you thought you had figured out how things would end and the author outsmarted you, something made you mad, a character made a bad choice, etc.”
(Note: I wouldn’t actually throw any books into the ocean 😂 and, figuratively speaking, if I did throw a book into the ocean, I would swim back and grab it)

  1. The Stand
    I sort of want to throw this in the ocean because I am finding it pretty boring. Maybe I am just not in the mood for this sort of book right now but I am finding King’s prose to just be really lengthy and just boring. Sooo yeah, I would love to chuck it out into the watery abyss 😂. I am going to keep reading it because my best friend gave me her copy to read and I don’t want to let her down.😬 I just might be here until next year reading this book 😂
  2. Forbidden by Syrie and Ryan James
    Because they came out with the sequel 5 years after the first installment and the first book ended up a cliffhanger. Who knows when the next book will be out!
  3. Blood and Honey by Shelby Mahurin
    I loved this book. A lot. And the ending literally killed me! Shelby did us dirty 😭
  4. From Blood and Ash by Jennifer Armentrout
    Too. Many. Feels. (10/10 recommend this book)
  5. Every Day by David Leviathan
    I just did not like this book that much… it didn’t really keep my interest so I DNFed it.
  6. The Forbidden Game by LJ Smith
    The ending😢 (I also wanted Jenny to end up with someone else). but the ending made sense so I wasn’t mad. Just sad!
  7. Mystic City trilogy by Theo Lawrence
    Similar to Forbidden, there has been no final book to the Mystic City trilogy and I find that soooo frustrating because I really liked the Mystic City books.
  8. Nerve by Jeanne Ryan
    I just did not like this book. I can’t really remember why but I do remember just losing interest. I think I just found the book boring even though the premise of the book itself had caught my interest.
  9. The Reaper at the Gates by Sabaa Tahir
    I have not even read this book but I would want to throw it into the ocean just because if I were to buy the book right now, it would not match the covers that I currently have, which are the originals. Book pet peeve triggered!
  10. Allegiant by Veronica Roth
    Just because the ending ripped me to pieces. I actually couldn’t read the last few chapters because I was too busy crying and just couldn’t pick up the book to finish it after.

What are some books that you would throw into the ocean? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to link your TTT in the comments below so I don’t miss your TTT masterpiece!


9 thoughts on “📚Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’d Gladly Throw in the Ocean🌊

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  2. I love that you included books you both love and hate. I almost considered doing a post about books I love that I want to throw into the ocean because of how they hurt me, so I love that you included some of those. Great post!

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