❄️The Winter Wonderland Book Tag❄️

Good morning, all!😊
Happy Monday. I cannot believe that the month of May is close to ending. Crazy, how time flies! How was your weekend? What is your week looking like? My week is starting to look pretty busy. This Thursday is the first day that we can submit our primary medical school apps. I can’t believe that it is already almost time to submit them. I am really nervous but I am also very excited!

Today’s post is the Winter Wonderland Book Tag, a post created by Tracy @Truffle’s Literary Wonders. I was tagged by the wonderful V @TheSassyLibrary Fox! Thank you Tracy for creating such a fun post and thank you to V for tagging me to partake in the awesomeness. Be sure to check out both of their blogs as they have content that you do not want to miss! Here is V’s Winter Wonderland Book Tag post!

One: What book is so happy and so sweet that it just warms your heart?

The Hourglass Door (Hourglass Door, #1)

I love this series and I love Abby and Dante together😍

Two: What’s your favourite book with a white cover?

Hush, Hush (Hush, Hush, #1)

Okay okay. I know it is not a white cover, but gray still goes with the theme of winter wonderland 😂 Right? I realized, through this book tag, that I have not really read very many books with white covers!!

Three: You’re sitting in a nice, comfortable chair with a cup of hot chocolate. What monster book are you reading?

The Beast of Noor

Four: It’s snowing outside and you decide you want to have a snowball fight. What fictional character do you want to have this snowball fight with?

One (or all) of the bat boys from SJM’s ACOTAR series!

Five: Sadly, your campfire is dying. What last few chapters of a book would you throw in the fire to revive it and keep yourself warm?

The Stand

Omgsh burning a book!!! Okay, okay, if I had to survive… I throw in The Stand… the entire book 😂 I don’t think I would miss that book very much. Plus, it is a huge book so it will keep the fire going for a while 😂

Six: What book do you love so much that you would buy another copy of it to give to someone as a Christmas gift (or any gift really) to inspire them to start reading?

From Blood and Ash (Blood and Ash, #1)

From Blood and Ash by Jennifer Armentrout… or anything by her!

Seven: Who do you tag?

Leslie @BooksAreTheNewBlack

Dini @DiniPandaReads

Annemieke @ADanceWithBooks

I also tag anyone who is interested in doing this post! 😊 

I hope you all have a great Monday. I will check back in with you guys tomorrow for Top Ten Tuesday.


6 thoughts on “❄️The Winter Wonderland Book Tag❄️

  1. Hey, Maya!!

    Haha- so many Stephen King books would be thrown in because they are huge and would keep the fire going. I haven’t read like any though. 😛

    Thanks so much for the tag. I love that this one is so short and sweet! haha. Things have been crazy and I know I never got back to you about Blood and Ash. I have someone else that wants to join us but could we do it next month? I know that you want to re-read it, so if you want to do it sooner, that’s okay! I have been crazy busy and haven’t gotten much reading done. I have a ton of ARC’s and a blog tour the beginning of June and need to try and read those books first! Let me know!! ❤

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  2. Thanks for doing the tag! It was so much fun to read through your answers! XD I still need to read “Hush, hush” but there are so many mixed opinions about it that I didn’t dare to pick it up yet. Is it good in your opinion? I’ll probably never read “The Stand” so haha I’m totally fine with your answer. *lol*

    Liked by 1 person

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