Welcome to HerBookishDesires! Thank you for stopping by. As indicated by the name, my blog will be about books, books, and… more books! Here, you will find book reviews, my latest book hauls, and more. I am currently brainstorming other post ideas! If you have any suggestions feel free to drop a comment on a recent post. It would be much appreciated.

Oh! Let me introduce myself. I’m Maya🌹and an incoming Medical Student. I have a passion for reading📖 , 📝writing, and figure skating⛸, which I have been doing competitively for 13-14 years. I also have a passion for science and medicine.  I have five Cavalier King Charles Spaniels🐶, Gatsby (After The Great Gatsby), Randy, Ryder, Rio, and Boo Radley (after To Kill a Mockingbird) — all of whom are so incredibly spoiled. I also have a twin sister, Lauren🌻, and she’s “older” by thirty seconds.

Fun fact: I have a freckle just above my top lip and that’s how my friends tell me apart from my twin! I love Twix, pancakes, popcorn (kettle corn all the way!), DoveBars, nectarines (gotta have something healthy listed on here), Coldplay, and Harry Potter….
Oh, and books, of course…but you probably guessed that.📖


What do genre do you read? 

I read Young Adult (YA) Fantasy/Fiction and New Adult.

How many books have you read within one year? 

-The most I’ve read in a year is 65 books.

Favorite book of all time?

Ooohhh that is such a loaded (and tough) question… How about a list of my top five choices that I find myself reading over and over again? 

  1. The Hourglass Door by Lisa Magnum
  2. Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick
  3. The Forbidden Game by L.J. Smith
  4. Literally anything by Jennifer Armentrout
  5.  ACOTAR Series

How many times will you post a week?

I will post once a week or more!

Why did you start blogging? 

My friend, Abby, has a fashion, skincare and makeup blog and I thought it was just really neat. It hit me then that I should try blogging, but instead of fashion and such, I should blog about books, which, as you might guess, I am really passionate about. So, really, I was inspired by Abby to blog and I am so glad she inspired (and nudged) me to do so because it’s just so much fun! If you’re also into fashion, skincare routines, and makeup reviews, check her blog out at TotallyAbigail❤️

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my blog, HerBookishDesires!