🧐Flashback Friday Meme

🧐Flashback Friday is a semi-weekly meme hosted here @HerBookishDesires that highlights oldie but goodie novels. It is my hope that, through this meme, we can bring older books back into the spotlight and that we can discover – and rediscover – old novels together!

1. Link your post to my blog!
2. Comment the link to your post so I (and others) can see it!
3. There are no set number of answers! You can include 1 or 2 or 5 (or more) oldie but goodie novels in your post! They can be a minimum of 5 years old to be considered old; there is no max age. 😊
4. Feel free to use my picture above!

Before I get to the topics, I want to say that the topics can be open to your interpretation as long as the books are considered old! I don’t mind different takes on the topics, in fact, I encourage it!

Each week there is a new topic! You can find the list of topics below and in my weekly Sunday Post (The Sunday post is a meme hosted by Kimberly @Caffeinated Reviewer). If there is a topic that you want, please feel free to suggest said topic I will gladly include it into the FBF schedule. Here is the schedule for the upcoming topics:

3/25: Oldie but Goodie Novels – St. Patrick’s Day Edition (can do books with green covers, Irish lore, Irish themes)
4/1: Oldie Bookish Pet Peeves
4/15: Oldies with the Chosen One Trope
5/6: Oldie Greek Myth Retellings
5/13: Oldie

Past Topics:

12/25: No set topic for this week since it is Christmas! Feel free to look at older topics (included in my Sunday Posts) and use an old topic of your choice!
1/1: Oldie But Goodie Novels with Wintery/Blue Covers (you can also do winter settings!)
1/8: Oldie But Goodie Crime/Thriller Novels
1/15: Oldie but Goodie Authors – Then and Now
Basically, I was thinking of something where the post includes an oldie book and a newer book from the same author!
1/22: Old Novels That Became Movies
1/29: Oldie but Goodie Books: If you like this, then you will like…

2/5: Oldie Novels with Fallen Angels
2/12: Oldie Romance Novels
2/19: Oldie But Goodie Novels I wish I could read for the first time
2/26: Oldie but Goodie Paranormal Romance Books
3/5: Old Dystopian Novels
3/12: Old novels with my favorite bookish tropes
3/19: Old Books with Magical Creatures (in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day… you can focus on Leprechauns or other magical creatures!)
3/26: Old Historical Fiction Novels (Could be books you want to read or have read)
4/2: Old Books with a Trickster Character or Trickery/Deception (in the spirit of April Fools Day)
4/9: Old Novels Still on my TBR
4/16: Favorite oldie book covers
4/30: Old Sci-Fi Novels (those you have read, want to read or a combo of both!)
5/7: Books with floral covers
5/14: Oldie books with new beginnings
5/21: Oldie books I DNFed